Hulbert Interactive Review

The Hulbert Interactive is a great tool that adds to the services provided by the investment newsletter ranking publication the Hulbert Financial Digest (HFD). They are both MarketWatch products and have been put together by Mark Hulbert who has written financial guidance columns for the likes of Barron’s magazine and the New York Times.

Hulbert Interactive

The Hulbert Interactive – Part of MarketWatch

Please note: I have also reviewed the Hulbert Financial Digest.

The HFD has earned significant praise with USA Today lauding it as “the bible on who gives the best financial advice” and Barron’s magazine being very gracious too by stating that it is “well-researched and informative”.

A subscription to the Hulbert Interactive will ensure that investors don’t waste money on investment newsletters that have bad ratings and exaggerate their successes only to downplay their failures. The Hulbert Interactive does this by anonymously signing up for 180 investment newsletters and monitoring their performance. Investors gain from the research done on the performance of financial newsletters because timely information is so valuable when trading and picking stocks, mutual funds or any financial instrument for that matter.

The Hulbert Interactive obtains the data from the HFD Rankings and it provides a performance review that is risk adjusted and covers different time periods such as 5, 10, 15, and 20 years. Furthermore, the Hulbert Interactive has valuable information on stocks by showing which stocks are prefered by certain newsletters and which stocks are altogether avoided by some newsletters. The Hulbert Interactive lets investors know about who is holding a particular stock and for what reason.

This MarketWatch online tool enables you to filter the top-performing investment newsletters by industry or market. Passionate investors will enjoy looking for and reading the numerous articles covering stocks, market timing and asset allocation among other topics. The Hulbert Interactive Email Alerts are worth signing up for to get an email when an investment newsletter overperforms or underperforms on their top stocks.

The Hulbert Interactive along with the HFD enables investors to do their own stock market research at any time and place that they deem convenient. This is probably one of the biggest plus points. In addition to investment newsletter profiles, the service will provide you with alerts when the rating of a stock has been upgraded or downgraded by a newsletter. The newsletter rankings are customizable too. For instance, if an investor wished to know which financial newsletters covered the bond market best from December 2010 to March 2011, it can be done with ease with the flexible interface.

24 hours a day online access to the MarketWatch Hulbert Interactive can be obtained for an inexpensive price of $99. There is a free 30-day trial period which gives sufficient time for a user to decide if the Hulbert Interactive is for them or not. Additionally, there are also discounts available through third-party websites like Wall Street Subscriptions.

Make sure to read the advice on how to best make use of the Hulbert Interactive by the HFD Team. The great thing about these MarketWatch products by Mark Hulbert are that they provide an unbiased review that is trustworthy and has been a go to source of information for stock market investors for a number of years.