Hello and welcome to my small blog.  The Wall Street Burgers website was originally a website run by a very cool burger van which used to sell in the New York financial district (check out the photo below).  I am not even sure if it still runs, but if you are hungry on Wall Street then I would recommend that you check out Newyorkstreetfood.com for a great review of the different options currently available from other providers of street food.

Wall Street Burger Van

The original Wall Street Burgers’ Van

However, this blog and website is now my place on the web where I like to talk about various financial publications including reviews and comments about them.  In particular I am a fan of the Wall Street Journal Weekend only edition and often post information about the newspaper as well as details on where you can buy it at a discounted price.

WSJ Weekend Edition

What this website is about now – Wall Street Journal Weekend

Currently links to the cheapest deals on the Wall Street Journal weekend subscription can be found on the homepage of this website so go there now to get your own subscription at half price.  In addition to that I am a huge fan of Barron’s Magazine.  I also subscribe to this publication too and would recommend it to anyone who works in the money and finance sectors – in particular those interested in stocks and shares.

I hope you enjoy all the content you find on my website – feel free to leave a comment and get in touch with me if you have any questions.  All the best!

Barry Simpkins